Compagnie Lapadou


  1. Discover your own clown inside
    A playful approach of being clown, who is inside of every human being. For every age.
  2. Clown Solo
    This workshop is about moving your body in a clownish way, about discovering the space on stage, about performing in a well-paced way, about involving the audience and last but not least to build a first short solo performance. From 16 years on.
  3. Clown Duo
    Two clowns always have a relationship to each other. For example, they may be complices, twins, a duo of failure or partners of status (one has a high, the other a low status). Those different relationships already tell whole stories. From 16 years on.
  4. To create a play
    How to start from nothing? Different ways of creation. Further, this workshop answers the following questions: How to create a story? How to originate dramaturgy? How to produce tension, variety and a well-paced play? From 16 years on.
  5. Giving feedback
    Giving feedback in a cherishing and constructive way in order to help each other. From 16 years on.
  6. Impro
    Improvisation exercises of different characters: Clowning, Acting, Improvisation Theater and Physiodrama. Those exercises encourage your self-confidence, improves your reaction and clear your mind. Further, they bring a lot of fun! From 16 years old.
  7. Circus techniques
    We are glad to offer workshops of the following circus techniques: Juggling, Acrobatics, Walking on balls and Rola Bola. For every age.
  8. Circus games
    The world of circus games is phantastic, imaginative, funny and full of motion. For every age.

Some workshops may be offered as teambuilding events, e.g. ‘Discover your own clown inside’, ‘Impro’, ‘Circus techniques’ and ‘Circus games’.

Our workshops must be booked individually.