Compagnie Lapadou

The Compagnie

Tine Florine und Clown Nieb

The Compagnie

We are a clown-duo consisting of Clown Nieb and Tine Florine. Since spring 2016, we are named ‘Compagnie Lapadou’.

What we are doing:

Our program: ‘Kissing me softly!’

Two figures run across each other unexpectedly at a trivial place. This casual encounter develops quickly into an action-packed play, in which the curiosity for the other couldn’t be higher of interest. One or the other trifle during this inconspicuous approaching brings especially Tine into major conflicts. In between Clown Nieb rather feels like running of, without success. A mixture between poesy and clownish witticism awaits those who decide to experience this fiasco. Have fun!

(This story will be told without ‘spoken language’.)

" With a deep sense of mimic art and subtile gestures, which have been translated into fantastic miming, the two of them capturing their audience. In the end not only children, but also the adults were excited and went with sparkles in their eyes and a contented smile home."
(Schwäbische, March 5th, 2017)

Directing Work

How to create a story? How to originate dramaturgy? How to produce tension, variety and a well-paced play? How to express on stage? We would be glad to help you. It does not matter if your play is still in the very beginning or is already turning towards its end.


Tine and Clown Nieb like to mingle with people and surprise their guest with clownish play and tricks. For both of them every moment becomes a stage performance. Come along, when Tine and Nieb mingle with the crowd!

"Like before the Gala, the clown-duo Compagnie Lapadou brought an additional cheerful note to the family afternoon, which not only the kids enjoyed."
(Badische Zeitung, September 19th, 2016)

Schools and Kindergartens

As clowns, we would be glad to arrange an age-based play for your group. Further, we offer interactive circus for children. This may happen in form of a one-time circus project or as a weekly working group.

Solo Performance

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