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Compagnie Lapadou


  • November 2018: ‘Oje!’ as an example for DasArts method workshop in Wiesbaden
  • October 2018: ‘Oje!’ and ‘Ice cream’ Gala-Show, ten years holiday circus in Biblis
  • October 2018: ‘Packing a suitcase!’ and Walk-Act for Louise-Dittmar-Haus in Darmstadt
  • August 2018: ‚Packing a suitcase!‘ at Micro!Festival Dortmund
  • July 2018: ‘Packing a suitcase!’ during Street-Art Festival Haslach im Kinzigtal
  • June 2018: ‘Packing a suitcase!’ at Children’s Theatre Meeting Lörrach
  • June 2018: ‘Packing a suitcase!’ during 12th Street Theatre Days Leipzig (knalltheater.de)
  • May 2018: ‘Packing a suitcase!’ at Busker’s Festival in Tuttlingen (www.stiefels-buchladen.de)
  • April 2018: clown program for children at Long Saturday in Tuttlingen (www.stiefels-buchladen.de)
  • September 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at Schweinfurter Nacht of culture (www.kulturpackt.de)
  • August 2017: 5-day-workshop in clownery, body language and circus technics with children and teenagers who live with physical and cognitive disabilities. In cooperation with Lebenshilfe Münsingen
  • July 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at Street-Art Festival in Haslach im Kinzigtal
  • July 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at Nellies Summer in the Garden from Arts Center Nellie Nashorn in Lörrach (www.nellie-nashorn.de)
  • July 2017: Directing work from Nils Klawon for the Compagnie Xir in Darmstadt
  • June 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ during the 11th Street Theater Days in Leipzig (www.knalltheater.de)
  • May 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at the Juggler’s Festival in Frohnleiten, Austria
  • May 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at the 7th International Festival of Street Art in Münster (www.allwetterzoo.de)
  • March 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at the Korntaler Spring Awakening, organized by GHV Korntal
  • March 2017: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ at the Long Saturday in Tuttlingen, Scala Cinema (www.stiefels-buchladen.de)
  • February 2017: ‘Laundrytells’ at the Theater in The Garden, Cologne (www.klaun-mix.de)
  • September 2016: ‘Packing a Suitcase!’ and Walc-Act at the 30st Anniversary of Arts Center Nellie Nashorn in Lörrach(www.nellie-nashorn.de)
  • September 2016: Festival of Integration in Hofheim am Taunus
  • September 2015: ‘Laundrytells’ at Small Stage in Gießen
  • June 2015: Walc-Act at the 125th Anniversary of Public Utility Company Bad Säckingen

Additional reference: Repeated cooperation during different projects between Nils Felix Klawon and Kulturbüro Rheinland-Pfalz.
Nils Klawon is lecturer for clownery at School for Clowns in Hofheim am Taunus since March 2017.
Repeated cooperations during different projects with Circus Datterino and Circus Waldoni in Darmstadt.