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Compagnie Lapadou

Open Training for Clown-Acting


The open training is supposed to offer all people who are interested in clowning the possibility to try and to deepen their ideas and their knowledge.

We will teach the following subjects:

  • The being of a clown
  • The language of a clown
  • Rooms of clownish acting
  • Physical theatre exercises
  • Slapstick
  • Improvisation
  • Juggling and manipulation of objects

We will go through one topic after the next. It is possible to join our training at every time anew – without pre knowledge. Please send us a short message if you plan to come: info@lapadou.de or Phone 0152 0415 2926.

Money for one evening: 8 Euro/5 Euro reduced
From April 9th on, every Tuesday Evening, 6pm, in our Studio